Scheduled Rides 

For scheduled rides, follow the ride calendar.

Faster Fun Training Ride

Training rides are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights, AND NEW FOR 2016, Saturday and Sunday mornings - all rides start at the northwest corner of East Ave & Lake Street (by OPRF High School stadium).  These rides have a average pace of at least 16 mph over at least 20 miles, with some sprints thrown in. Speed and distance may increase depending on the riders who show up. Often we will split into two groups, with the "not as fast" group riding at the Touring Pace (13-15 mph). The new weekend rides will tentatively start at 7:00am.  Depending on the level of interest and rider preference, we can adjust the time to better fit people's schedules. We may also consider both an early ride (faster pace) and a mid-morning ride at a more leisurely pace. 

Please have lights on your bike for all evening rides, white in front and red in rear! Reflective/bright/white clothing also recommended. Helmet required for all rides, of course.

Wednesday Show & Go

Leaves every Wednesday at 6:30pm at the northwest corner of East Ave & Lake Street.  All riders, no matter what your age or ability are invited. These are fun, leisurely rides. We go no faster than the slowest rider and we never drop anyone from the group. Please have lights on your bike, white in front and red in rear! Reflective/bright/white clothing also recommended. Helmet required, of course.


Unscheduled and Special Rides
Not all of our rides are scheduled in advance. Please watch the OPCC listerv and the Oak Park Cycle Club Facebook page for announcements of impromptu rides.
We also promote charity rides and other bike clubs' rides that some of our members participate in; these rides are included in the Ride Calendar 

10 Simple Rules For OPCC Group Bike Rides

These rules are adapted from publications of the League of American Bicyclists, League of Illinois Bicyclists and other cycle clubs. They are intended as general guidelines and are not inclusive of all bicycling rules, regulations or best safety practices.

    1. Obey all traffic laws and behave like a vehicle. We want cars to respect cyclists. Cyclists need to respect cars, or it will never work.
    2. Stop for all RED stoplights. It is a good practice to stop at YELLOW lights.
    3. Signal your intentions verbally and with hand signals when turning, changing lanes, passing, slowing, and stopping. Avoid sudden stops or turns when riding in a group.
    4. Ride in a straight line. Don’t weave in and out of parked cars.
    5. Riding more than two abreast on roads is against the law in Illinois. Always ride single file on busy or narrow streets.
    6. Yelling “Car Back!” or “Car Up!” signals to ride single file and as far to the right as practicable so traffic can pass safely.
    7. Be mindful of the “door zone.” Leave at least 3 feet between your bike and parked cars.
    8. No cell phones or headphones while riding. If you need to make or take a call, pull over to the side and come to a complete stop first.
    9. All riders must wear a helmet at all times and use front and rear lights in low light or after dark.
    10. Let someone know if you leave the ride.
    11. Okay, so we said "10" but there are just a few more things....
    12. Discussion of pace and route should take place prior to the start of any group ride.
    13. A “sweep” rider should bring up the rear to make sure no one is dropped.
    14. Our “no rider left behind” policy is in effect on all OPCC club rides.
    15. If a ride starts to get spread out, riders at the front should slow or stop periodically to allow the rest of the group to catch up. If the ride is spread out and the route turns, one rider from the front of the group should stay behind at the turn to wait until all remaining riders have caught up and made the turn.