As a social club, most OPCC rides are recreational and non-competitive, although we recognize that many of our members do enjoy faster training rides, so we encourage anyone who is interested to suggest it at a club meeting.


Our members

You'll enjoy a great bunch of people to ride with--we welcome all ages and all riding abilities--especially beginners and those getting back into cycling after a long absence. We have a long-standing tradition of niceness and we never leave riders behind for any reason. We may direct you to different rides more suited to your ability for the future but we won’t abandon you once a ride has started. Our members are interested in casual riding, bicycle commuting, bike touring, bike mechanics, collecting, riding slow, riding fast, educating adults and children about bikes, and hanging out with like-minded people.

Some of us are strong advocates for sharing the roads between bicyclists, motorcyclists, cars and pedestrians. The roads belong to all of us and we believe we can share them safely and respectfully. 


What do we mean by "No Rider Left Behind?"

On all Oak Park Cycle Club rides, our policy is to never "drop" a rider. On rides with people of varying abilities, we may split into fast and slow groups for those kinds of rides. But, slower riders will never be made to feel bad about not keeping up. Having said that, please choose rides that match your riding style. We try to create a calendar of rides that offers something for everybody and to have some rides that everyone can feel free to join in on. Our group rides exhibit a casual, but safe organization. Visit our Facebook Group for additional ride information.


Riding gear

Cyclists come in all shapes, sizes, and fashion sense. OPCC is less formal than some clubs. Spandex (actually it is usually Lycra) and other high-tech gear is fine on our rides, but certainly not required. You are just as likely to see our members wearing Dockers shorts and t-shirts as the latest from Pearl Izumi. Ride in whatever  you’re comfortable wearing.You won’t see the cycling fashion paparazzi policing our rides!

Do consider buying a set of chamois or similar-lined undergarments or commuter riding shorts with soft liners in the “right places.” They make these for both men and women. On longer rides these can make all the difference between a comfortable ride & “well I’ll never do that again”.

Cycling clothes come in all styles from tight high performance racing styles, to looser fitting more casual tour styles.  If you don’t see what you want at the local bike shop, let them know. They’re not likely to stock it if there’s no perceived demand for it.

We are serious about expanding our club and everyone is welcome to hang with us, even non-riders. We think of ourselves as a social club that revolves around cycling. We welcome riders of any level who enjoy the social aspects of cycling.

Come join us as we continue Oak Park's rich tradition of cycling and advocating for a better cycling environment!